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clay really scares me. million dollar arm with a 10 cent heart... cant pitch thru pain, cant fight thru anything.. must be wearing on guys like pedy to watch this jabro always give his usual 60%!



Again you appear to have no clue about the game of baseball. Nothing new there.



Clay had 3 errors behind him from the 19-20yo in Lowell. He was not throwing at full velocity, was just trying to get the feel for the ball, his pitches, and just being in a game atmosphere after 2.5 months off. The 3 errors extended the inning for him as he threw almost 40 pitches.

Im not saying he was shutting them down, but that wasnt what he set out to do. If you understood this game and how things are usually done in this situation, this thread wouldnt have even been created as a "Bash Clay" type thread that it is. There is a process Clay has to go through. Your comments about a 10 cent arm are pathetic.


sorry Southy but i think youre off target here - we know it was a rehab assignment but it is apparent that Clay's sabbatical has destroyed what dominance he had earlier in the season...this is the point...i could care less how mnay errors his team had - he seems like a looooong way off in his return to being a starter, let alone a dominant one. 


You are too smart of baseball guy to think that a first foray into live action after an extensive layoff is any marker of performance-level.  Its just a toe in the water, a shaking-off-of-cobwebs, hardly a perfromance-test.  I am not saying that I feel confident he will come back in the same awesome form as before the most-severe-mild-neck-strain-ever.  I am not.  I am just saying that saying it is 'apparent that  Clay's sabbatical has destroyed what dominance he had earlier in the season' is a pretty absurd conclusion to draw from an exercise that is essentially a first spring training look-see.