well if there was any way for buch to get get all the nay sayers off his back and squash the trade rumors this was it.. these are the numbers from his last 3 starts:

24 innings pitched, 4 earned runs, 4 walks, 19 strikeouts, .917 WHIP

it seems to me as if clay has finally "Came back" from his back injury. Beckett is pitching pretty well IMO although it seems hes either on fire or being shelled. I don't need to say anything about dubront but i dont think we can lean on him all season.

The only 2 issues in the starting rotation i see is a shaky lester and a questionable #5 (im fine with Dice-K as long as he pitches well but i guess thats why its called questionable). Still though, we are one injury away from being up a certain creek without a paddle. you dont want to have to rely on cook if you can help it.

Hopefully youk nets us a decent starter we can rely on if someone goes down. Or better yet, supplant someone in the rotation.