Clemens and Steroids Poll

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    Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll

    Clemens is one of the best Red Sox pitchers who I never liked as a person. He was, is, and always will be all about Roger.
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    Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll

    In Response to Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll:
    In Response to Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll : It makes you wonder how a person like this has stayed married and had 4 thriving children? Anyone have any theories about that?
    Posted by NYC

    Theories?  Sure.  Here are a couple:
    1- Anyone who has ever played ball has known players who can compartmentelize their lives.  They develop an entirely different personna when they put on their game face.  He could very well be a different person when dealing with his family.

    2- and the more likely one - his wife accepts him as he is.  Let's face it, many/most professional athletes are jerks.  They've been spoiled for so long they think they're entitled to be spoiled.  (Which, btw, is why guys like Mike Lowell are such a breath of fresh air). 
    It's almost understandable that when a person receives adulation for their entire lives they feel like they're better than anyone else.  His wife may be saying, "Roger is what he is.  He was that way when I married him and he's still that way.  I knew what I was getting into.  Now we're millionaires and life is good". 

    There are a couple of theories... but that's all they are!!  What do I know?  I'm not a psychiatrist and I don't play one on television.  Heck, I probably don't even know how to SPELL "Psychiratist"!  :-)
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    Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll

    Since Petit has changed his story to co-incide to Roger's idea that he "mis-remembered events"  we will all have to adjust with the likely "innocent on all counts" verdict.

    The lesson for me is: Justice does not come on our terms or how and when we want it. It is very easy to focus on what is wrong with people and the world which just leaves one bitter, resentful, entitled and even isolated from a world one doesn't trust. There is not enough pleasure in that. So, in the end what I take away is let go of my bitterness and move on from all these things I don't control.
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    Re: Clemens and Steroids Poll

    I can't stand the guys (Clemens, Bonds, Palmiero, etc...) that just refuse to come clean. 

    I don't even really care about the PED's but the arrogance and narcissism that goes into these pathetic denials is astounding.  We all know you cheated Roger, admit it and move on.