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In Response to Re: Clutch, intangible or nonexistent? : So if I say that clutch isn't real, or that if it is real, it's impossible to determine who is clutch and who isn't, then you'd disagree with me but we'd just have to disagree?  Fair enough; that's more or less what I was saying, that there are people on each end of this debate and they can yell and scream at each other all they want but there'll still be disagreement.  It's kind of like religion...
Posted by billsrul

God, I hope it's not like religion:(

What I'm saying Bill is that if I say Yaz is clutch, you could probably show statistically where he wasn't. But nobody in the game's history did what he did in the final two games of '67. So, what becomes prioritized?

Agreements are predicated on opinion. This is a board of opinion. Facts are facts, but many fall thru stat cracks. I could say Papi is the greatest clutch hitter in franchise history, but the last few years run contrary to that.

It's a matter of personal observation.