It seems to me that Theo really messed up the Sox with many bad FA contracts and player movement decisions, So could we have him extradited back to Boston to face charges that he was a double agent working for the other 29 teams in baseball to actually overthrow and cripple the entire Sox orgainization?

It really doesn't seem fair to just let him walk out and go to Chicago a free man, and not have to face any charges. At least we could charge him with theif of services or fraud, or impersonating a GM, or some other charges.

Just think of it, he gets off Scott free, while moving on to another team, and we [Sox and their fans] are left with virtually nothing. Doesn't seem fair.

Everyone write to your Congressmen, contact the Mayor, if necessary call in the Armed Forces, and if all else fails, call the federal government, the Attorney General, and if that doesn't do the trick, we'll get President Obama.

Don't let Theo get away with his crimes, Let's bring him to justice today.