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No, it's not the pitching, and my "do the math" proves it. It's the AL, and it's the AL East, and it's Fenway. The best pitchers aren't going to do any better than Cook, et al. But, let's pretend there is one who would. There would be zero value in the cost it would take to get such a pitcher, who would end up similar to the great John Slackey. CC cost the team 20 million a year. CC hasn't played but about 10 games, and that is the problem. They need a solid star talent RH Of'er. CC's an indolent bum who will be here to stay, thus the other indolent bum, Ellbsrick, needs to be traded.
Posted by TrotterNixon

Seriously?  So you think the pitching is fine this year?  The Sox lead the league in runs scored.  Fact.  Last I heard I think they were 3rd worst in runs against.  But the pitching is ok, right?  How can you blame a guy who's played about 10 games?