Cubs sign Edwin Jackson

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    Re: Cubs sign Edwin Jackson

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    Jed Hoyer is the General Manager of the Cubs.

    Theo pulls the strings though. after his time in boston where LL tried to run the show instead of him you think hes letting anyone else make the ecisions now? Hoyer is just a figurehead

    So he didn't learn his lesson? Why would he repeat the mistakes of LL? Ultimately the GM is responsible for all player transactions, no matter who pulls the strings. Some want to blame Cherington for moves they disapprove of. How do we know for sure that LL or John Henry is not pulling the strings?

    Some people claimed that Dubyah was a figurehead and that Cheney pulled the strings. It doesn't matter. With certain jobs come certain responsibilities. 

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    Re: Cubs sign Edwin Jackson

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    I dont know much about teh Cubs farm system; however, I do know a bit about Theo.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Theo is probably overrating the Cubs prospects.

    Do you think he "over-rated" Jackson?

    He basically paid the same as Dempster times 2 years.

    Well said. The Cubs also got Villanueva who is no slouch, IMO.


    I think Villanueva is a bit of a slouch, and his flyball tendencies could be disastrous in Wrigley if he starts their full time. He is much, much better suited to a relief role, in which he has excelled in his career.


    However, Epstein (or Hoyer, whoever) did bring in Scott Baker, who is an extremely talented pitcher who unfortunately cannot stay healthy. Baker, much like Scott Feldman and Jackson, was probably brought in to the Cubs much for the same reason they brought in Paul Maholm last year.  To be traded for part(s) to rebuild the farm system. In this respect, Jackson is probably not a bad signing. If Edwin Jackson has shown anything in his career, it is that he can be traded with ease.


    This also is supported by the signing of Villanueva, who provides an option for  SP slot instead of rushing a young starter once one or two of the names above are traded. I would expect Baker and/or Feldman to go first, and Jackson might take a while as his contract will limit his appeal. But he is only 29 and the contract will look a little better every year, so there is no rush...