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Typical ignorant and stupid comment.

1) Name the teams that shy away from Boras clients....who gives a cr@p what you "think"?

2) He controls a big percentage of the best you think it makes more sense to ignore those players, or develop a good relationship with Boras and learn to deal with him?

3) Have you hear of Xander Bogaerts?  What about Jackie Bradley Jr.?  Do you know who is their agent?

I think that Mr. Moonslav could give us a good understanding on rthe history of Bora$ clients and their effects after the new contract .....

why use moon as a crutch?? you posed the question, why don't you get off your bum and do some research yourself?! lazy mofo

  Because unlike you, Moon knows his stuff..... To the point that "why reinvent the wheel"   !!!

it doesn't matter if you "know your stuff" or not. its a simple act of using the google machine in conjunction with the copy/paste buttons.. we're not doing calculus here.