daniel bard = oliver perez?

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    daniel bard = oliver perez?

    lefty perez was in the wilderness for a while after great initial success. at one point he was a max contract kind of guy, the next phenom. then his control issues that many  assumed were in his past reared its head and the kid could not find the strike zone with binoculars and GPS. he's pitched all over the place since his mets days. now he's back with the mariners. been a while now and he has a 1.08 era and struck out 3 in 1.3 innings yesterday in a one-run game (middle relief) versus the FIRST-PLACE YANKS. threw 19 strikes in 28 pitches. kid is still just 31, and has 23Ks in just 16 innings. seems to b all the way back. this could b bard's fate as well!

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    Re: daniel bard = oliver perez?

    Unfortunately, If Bard is still stuggling as he is at the end of the year, the Sox might have to cut bait with him. Hes taking up a valuable roster spot that will be very much needed this offseason with all our rule 5-eligible prospects this winter (19 of them).

    I hope he can turn it around.