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Daniel Nava

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    Re: Daniel Nava

    Personally, I like the Sweeney pickup.  He may not be great, but he does everything pretty well except hit for power.  I think he's fine in a platoon role if they get a decent RH bat.  Fenway is actually a very good park for LH hitters that use the whole field.  He's a career .283 hitter with a .342 OBP and he may be able to improve on that here.

    Bobby V should not (and I think will not) ever play Sweeney vs starting

     LHPs unless he has to. That would mean Sweeney could be more like

     this kind of hitter:

    .296/.352/.402/.754 (career vs RHPs)

    If we bite the fielding bullet and play DMac in RF vs LHPs, he should give us about an .800 OPS.

    Together, we can maybe gat a .760-.775 OPS from our RF'ers.  That could be a .125 improvement over 2011's .652 RF OPS.

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    Re: Daniel Nava

    Nava really wasn't a major leaguer.  He was one of those guys who was skipped through the minors to avoid rushing the real prospects, and it felt OK because he was so much older anyway.  When he was 27, he still only had like 200 at-bats above A-ball.

    The guy lived a dream.  He was told his whole like he couldn't do something, that he as too small, blah blah blah.  But he didn't giveup and proved a lot of people wrong.  He's like a real life version of that movie "Rudy", but with a couple differences.  First he played baseball.  And second, unlike the real life Rudy, the movie wasn't named after him...
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    Re: Daniel Nava

    In Response to Re: Daniel Nava:
    In Response to Re: Daniel Nava : There's a HUGE difference between fldg% and OBP / OPS. fldg% tells you if the guy screws up plays, while OBP/OPS show if he does something to help win games.  If a player fails to make an offensive impact, it shows up in OPS and OBP, if a player doesn't get to a ball and it costs the team defensively, fldg% doesn't show it. Which offensive stats would you prefer?
    Posted by JB-3

    Ike's a fan of BA, HR and RBI to judge offensive performance.  Seriously.
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    Re: Daniel Nava

    Nava was the "feel good" story of 2010 when the 'Sox outfield was destroyed by inquires.  Not sure why he is still on our AAA roster.  If he has a good spring training I would include him in a trde for pitching depth.  Not a lot of value - more of a throw in to the deal to give him a shot. 
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    Re: Daniel Nava