Daniel Nava

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    Daniel Nava

    so i'm watching Jenny interview Nava right now and she brought up this stat. Nava leads THE MLB with RBIs after the 7th inning. making him the most clutch hitter baseball!

    stellar defense, smart baserunning, hitting (with power and in clutch situations). WOW! and he's not even on the all-star ballot......... Derek "not-going-to-play-a-single-inning-this-season" Jeter is on the all star ballot (and will probably win) while Daniel Nava only gets votes as a write in.


    let's all repay this kid for his excellent play, his incredible drive, constitution and unwavering perseverance and get him into the all-star game. VOTE NAVALICIOUS!!

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    Re: Daniel Nava

    I wouldn't go so far as to say "stellar D", but he has been "the man" all year long!

    As for "clutch hitting, I don't think RBHIs after the 7th inning is the best stat for that; I prefer Late & Close (batting in the 7th inning or later with the score tied, ahead by one, or the tying run on deck.

    Here are those numbers:

    1) Iggy  1.514 (7 PAs) 0 RBI

    2) Papi    .943 (33) 6 RBI

    3) Ellsb   .857 (43)  5

    4) Pedey .850 (39)  5

    5) Gomes .848 (29)  1

    6) Salty    .828 (28)  5

    7) Nava    .794 (794)  9 Nice!


    Some prefer High Leverage:

    1) Papi  1.235 (50 PA/26 RBI)

    2) Pedey .947 (60/14)

    3) Gomes .933 (30/6)

    4) Naps   .909  (52/26)

    5) Ells     .807  (53/9)

    6) Nava  .791  (45/11)




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    Re: Daniel Nava