Dempster or Porcello

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    Dempster or Porcello

    Say both starters in game 6 get roughed up very early and cannot get past say the 1st or 2nd inning.   Who is the better option as Farrell would have Dempster or Doubrant and Leyland has Porcello?

    Dempster has experience while Doubrant "can" be tough as well.   I think I would rather have Farrell's options.

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    Re: Dempster or Porcello

    There is a greater chance for Farrell having to exercise his options than Leyland.  Scherzer is going for at least 6, and he is going to be tough.

    Although I hope Bucholz will pitch better than in game 2, he has a pretty fragile psyche, not like Lester or Lackey.