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Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    jimdavis, its not that crawford is not a talented player. Its that he was not a fit for this team. His skillset/talents are the same as ellsbury's. We already have a good leadoff hitter and a good number 2 hitter. Those are the 2 positions where crawfords skillset would be utilized the best and where he fits in best. He is not a number 3/4/5/6/7 hitter and unfortunately he is getting paid like a 3/4 hitter. Crawford is worth closer to JD drew money(i would say slightly more). He should not be getting anywhere near adrian gonzalez money. The only way crawford will ever be a fit on this team is if ellsbury is traded. Then crawford can bat leadoff. I will be honest, i do not want theo to trade ellsbury but if he can get say matt kemp for him then he has to pull the trigger. Kemp is a perfect fit for this team. There is no way any other team can offer anything better than ellsbury for him. Then our lineup would make sense,


    That makes sense and is much more balanced in terms of lefty/righty hitters. Kemp would play center and could either back 3rd or 4th. I know the dodgers dont want to trade kemp but they are aweful and are broke. The need to move him for a cheaper player like ellsbury(who would be a pretty damn good replacement) and whatever other prospects they would get in the deal. Again i am a fan of ellsbury but there is no other way that we would have a shot at getting kemp unless we destroyed our minor league system which makes no sense. I would give the dodgers ellsbury, doubront, and someone like luis exposito. The dodgers would have a hard time saying no to that offer. They get a replacement for kemp, a young controllable starter with potential, and a catcher. The dodgers will lose matt kemp eventually. He is an fa in 2 years. Trading him now would get them the most they could possibly hope for in return.

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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    In Response to Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?:
     Before you all start killing me, please read the whole post.    Obviously, Theo Epstein and the Red Sox had a huge offseason. However, I still wonder if Theo made the right moves.  I will not criticize Theo for his bullpen moves, as the bullpen is unpredictable. However, I will criticize him on the four main moves he made. He:                1: Let Victor Martinez go,                2: Let Adrian Beltre go,                3: Signed speedster Carl Crawford to a 7 year, 142 million dollar deal to snag him from LAA, and                4: Traded Eric Patterson, Reymond Fuentes, Anthony Rizzo, and Casey Kelly to San Diego for slugger Adrian Gonzalez.  I will decide whether the move was good or not based only on before this season, so I don't have an advantage over Theo. Also, if the move was not good, I will decide what he should have done instead, again, not based on hindsight.                1: Theo let Victor Martinez sign with the Detroit Tigers for 4 years and 50 million dollars.  Theo's first move of the offseason was also his worst. If Theo had signed Martinez to a 4 year deal, he would have had him at ages 32, 33, 34, and 35. Those seasons are the start of most players' decline, but hitters as good as Martinez would still be productive at age 35. As for Martinez not being a good defender, if Posada can catch at age 38, why can't Martinez catch at age 35? Also, even with the season Papi is having, it is unlikely that Boston signs him to a 3 year deal at seasons' end, so at some point, Boston could just convert Martinez into the DH. Yes, you lose the 19th overall draft pick by keeping Martinez, but another move I would change makes up for it. Also, Martinez kills lefties.  Did Theo make the right choice? No. What should he have done? Sign V-Mart to a 4 year, 60 million deal.               2: Theo traded Eric Patterson, Reymond Fuentes, Anthony Rizzo, and Casey Kelly to San Diego for slugger Adrian Gonzalez, and signed him to a 7 year, 154 million deal after the season started to lock him up through 2018, his age 36 season.  They say "First is the worst, second is the best, and third is the one with the treasure chest!" So far for Theo, first is the worst and second is the best, as getting AGon was the best move of the offseason for Boston. It was a no-brainer, because anyone would take a 29 year old slugging 1st baseman who has a great glove over a 32 year old 3rd baseman who bats .270 with 25 home runs and 80 RBI with a great glove. His career year so far makes it sweeter, but it was a great move anyways.  Did Theo make the right choice? Yes.               3: Theo signed speedster Carl Crawford to a 7 year deal for 142 million, snagging him from LAA and making him the highest paid outfielder ever in the process.  This was simply a bad move. Many people were hoping that the Red Sox would sign Jason Werth, but he quickly signed with Washington for 10 times his werth (pun intended). This set the market for Crawford, so signing him was a bad idea. Once Werth signed, the Red Sox should have gone the route of trade. Also, they would get their draft pick back from Tampa Bay, so the Red Sox would be able to re-sign V-Mart wiwthout any huge consecuences compared to the draft we just had.  Did Theo make the right choice? No way, Jose. What should he have done? This is a little complicated.    He should have traded for Justin Upton. Still only 23, Upton has all the tools his brother has without the Manny-esque ego. He can hit for average, hit for power, run, has a cannon for an arm, and isn't quite as erratic as his brother in the field. If they did get Upton, he would convert to left field, as Drew has mastered Dewey's corner. They would trade Josh Reddick, (Kalish can take over RF when Drew leaves) Yamicco Navarro (Iggy can take over short when Scutaro leaves) Salty (V-Mart would occupy catcher for a few years) Larvenway (Ditto with Salty) and maybe throw in a player to be named later. All of the guys I named have potential, so the trade isn't unrealistic, especially with the way Towers was marketing him. Upton becomes a superstar, and a of the players I name become very good players. Not a bad trade for Arizona, but a great one for Boston.              4: Theo let Adrian Beltre sign with Texas for 6 years and 96 million dollars.  This was a no brainer. The Red Sox had just acquired a star first baseman, and moved their former first baseman to third. They already have a good DH. They get 2 draft picks. Who doesn't let Beltre go?  Did Theo make the right choice? Of course!                                                Theo's overall grade 2 right 2 wrong 50%  The numbers say Theo failed, but he didn't. I don't have a view of all the things Theo uses to build a roster, as I can only see the numbers. However, from a fan's point of view, he could have done a much better job. Despite this, our team is great.                                              I took over a hour to write this.    
    Posted by b126962

    AGON great move, no brainer.  Crawford, very good move even though it's been rough.  Don't forget Yankees went after him hard.  Would have kept Martinez for the lumber and put up without being stellar behind the plate. 
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    Theo Did The Right Thing, all his moves opened up opportunities to better the entire team.  Vmart's departure opened up catching opportunities for Salty and the Lavarnway's advancement.  Gonzo's batting knowledge is positively impacting Papi and Jacoby. 

    Resigning Wake, everyone forgets how important it was to bring back Wake. 
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    Famous misquote that also applies to OP:

    Asked about the historical effect of the 1789 French Revolution in 1970's, Chinese politician Chou En-lai replied: "Too soon to tell."

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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    AG is killing everything GREAT MOVE
    TEK/Salty is working Salty has 13 of 41 CS 31% which puts him in the middle of all catchers Tek has thrown out 30% this year. Each month Saltys numbers have gotten better. BTW Tek catching Josh has worked out really good. I'll take the 26 yr old over the 32 yr old.

    CC can we please wait until the year is over. I remember all the crap Pedroia took his first year and he turned out OK.

    I love people who say they could have spent the money on this one or that one. Don't you think they looked into it. Just like all the crying about losing Bay seems that worked out. BTW if anyone thinks the trade for Upton wuld have happened a long with AGon you are crazy.

    The FO has been right far more than they have been wrong of course most every one here believes the RS should be right 100% of the time.
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    No other response is needed, well done

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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    Great Posts JimfromFlorida and War-Eagle. I do not have a problem with any of the moves that were made during the off season. This team got a lot better with the players that were aquired.  Lets wait until October to grade Theo and the staff. The season is still early. By the way, I believe these are the same guys that said we were doomed after the slow start in April. Happy Fathers Days to all the dads..
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    Why do some posters continue to label Crawford a leadoff hitter? Besides the fact he, himself, rather not leadoff. Let's also put aside the fact that he's had a far better career batting 2nd. Better career numbers batting 3rd also. CC's batting  .344 in the 6th hole in 63 AB for the Sox so far. He's not a leadoff hitter. Really, his career .319 OBP leading-off shouts lead-off hitter to you? 
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

     It's not just comparing Damon with Crawford skill-wise. It is how they fit. I know that this sounds like something Softlaw would say, but it is the value. A person who hits .300 with 50 stolen bases and 15 home runs is obviously better than someone who hits .280 with 20 stolen bases and 10 home runs. However, getting #2 for $2,000,000 a year for 2 years is better value than getting #1 for $20,500,000 for 7 years. Also, Damon fits better than Crawford, because he can hit 6th or 7th, and he is a Pedroia-like leader in the clubhouse. Finally, you must remember how the Yankee fans would react. Getting Crawford wasn't a bad idea- I just think Theo could have done better. We will see over the next 7 years.
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    Re: Did Theo make the right moves in the off-season?

    The just trade Crawford for Kemp.