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Do you agree with the Boston Marathon SUSPECT being charged as a regular criminal murderer rather than as an ENEMY COMBATANT?

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    In response to softlaw2's comment:


    He was charged with zero counts of crimes against the person. He was charged with ATF violations. The feds can't prosecute the case as a murder and mayhem case, they can only prosecute the case for ATF violations. While they can obtain a death penalty jury verdict, it is unlikely that dangerous leftist radical Eric Holder will push for the death penalty beyond a token appearance for political image purposes. But the State of MA has exclusive jurisdiction over the mass murder and mayhem caused by the Muslim jihadist, and since the feds aren't going to seek recovcation of citzenship and treat this cowardly fraud as an enemy combatant, if the State of MA wants social justice they had better fight for custody of this Muslim jihadist. I suspect they will do nothing and allow Holder to conduct his show trial, for political appearnce reasons. In the end, there is more than a reasonalbe chance that the purveyors of social justice will end up without a death penalty verdict and judgment. The media is always laying the ground work by talking about this coward's age and how his brother was his mentor, as well as the administration working hard to convince the American people that no terrorist groups were involved and this was just an isolated case of one nutjob who simply got carried away.

    Justice would have been Obama and the feds taking the warnings seriously, about Muslim Jihadist, and would have taken the steps necessary to deport them and prevented this mass mayhem and murder attack from Muslim jihadists.

    I believe this administration calls this case a domestic criminal case which needs to be handled by the criminal justice system venues in the State of MA.   

    Again, using a weapon of mass destruction is a federal crime and punishable by death. He has been charged with this crime. Yes, Holder is opposed to capital punishment, but his boss is not.



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    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    MA doesn't have the death penalty, for anything but commerce. At this point, the feds only have the jurisdiction to file ATF violations. Jurisdiction for the crimes of mayhem and murder are exclusively with the State of MA.

    Fact it cost the public more to execute a person than keep him alive because of the endless appeals

    Fact, not if the Muslim jihadist is 19 years old and lives the normal lifetable averages used by insurance actuaries to issue life insurance policies. And the appeals are not "endless", even with the ACLU and community organizers hard at work to seek social justice.

    For a lawyer, you don't know much about federal law. Using a weapon of mass destruction is a federal crime. Thr FBI is already handling it.

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