The Dodgers are Christmas shopping Greinke and Hyun-Jin Ryu are signed. The Blue Jays already did their Boxing Day gift exchange early this festival season. The Red Sox are just cooking Christmas dinner, but hopefully it will taste good.

Napoli: will he be a dry turkey without cranberry sauce or will the stuffing taste great

Victorino: could be the best ham per pound or the ham without mustard

Gomes: is mash potato's hopefully with gravy

Ross: is the vegies of the signings lets hope their is melted butter to go with it

Lets talk about the pies the pitchers : Which pie will make this meal complete.

Dickey, Sanchez, Jackson, Lohse, Marcum, Floyd, Lariano, Shields and now the latest rumors Dodgers can afford to let go Capuano or Harang via trade.

I am just hoping that this is not the team, that I will put in the freezer and forgotten about.