Does Anyone Get This?

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    Does Anyone Get This?

    Your team is in last place in 2014. We also finished last in 2012 and had a total blow up in 2011. You have said it is time to get younger. So you move Xander away from SS and resign a player in Drew and now you deal for a 30 year old outfielder/1b man in craig that is signed for next 3 years leaving Betts in the dust. I AM SORRY BUT THIS RED SOX ORG has no direction. They are not sure what they want. If you want to go young then go young.



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    Re: Does Anyone Get This?

    You need to stop creating redundant and all too numerous threads here. I plan to get rid of the ones that are redundant in the future, not just from you, but from others as well. There is no way to combine them, so they will disappear.


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    Re: Does Anyone Get This?

    For your own good, take a step back and a deep breath.


    It is not Day 1 of the 2015 season.


    I'll go out on a limb and predict there will be...oh...just a 'few' more trades and free agent signings before next season begins.


    Its amazingly odd, seeing how recently 2012 was, that posters are running around screaming about the sky that's falling.  Has no one learned anything?



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    Re: Does Anyone Get This?

    we did get younger......lackey is 35 and is now gone, craig just turned 30 and chances are he will play RF for the rest of this year (vic needs to go or spend the rest of the year on the DL) then move to 1B once napoli is gone after next year. (napoli could become the DH if ortiz retires) Xander will move back to SS for next season, or if drew is dealt, then this year. Remember, betts is only 21, no rush to get him up here. And he could very well be dealt in the offseason for a top of the rotation pitcher. And we are most definitely going young with the rotation right now. We trade our 2 oldest starts in peavy and lackey and lester was the next oldest. We are giving the young guys a shot, webster, workman (though he should be in the pen) de la rosa, kelly and buchholz is the current rotation. every outside of buchholz is 26 or younger. Plus we have ranuado waiting for his shot too (which could come tomorrow). We also have 3 young guys starting in the line up as well, bradley jr, vasquez and bogaerts are all 23 or younger. We learned the hard way this year what happens when you try to integrate too many young hitters into the offense at once. This team has a direction, ben want to fix the offense and with cespedes/craig, he did just that. You can’t fix every at once. Pitching will be taken care of in the offseason, for now we get to see the young guys pitch.