Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow.

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    Re: Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow.

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    I do not think Ben want to sign a pitcher who have already have an injury history. With Beckett, Lester, and Bucholtz all have missed starts in past many years, I just do not think Boston want Wang unless Boston can just sign him as a 6th starters on the roster.  Really, Ben just need to find two decent healthy pitchers via trade or free agency.   Stay away from Wakefield.  Dont sign him because Boston lost Lackey for the season.  Ben can find a way to get up to 6 starters without signing Wakefield.  Or give Weiland or Aceves a shot, but they are more likely be the #5 pitcher or #6 starting pitcher!!
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    I would believe that many Red Sox fans don't want Wakefield to return next season.  He would be ok if he didn't pitch so often and was only available to pitch an occasional game or bullpen relief.   This past season he pitched too many innings and became very ineffective.  I wouldn't be surprised if he returns, but don't think it is a good idea.  
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    Re: Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow.

    Best news possible.  Lackluster Lackey out for a year
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    Re: Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow.

    We need to stop blaming Wakefield for pitching so many innings last year. It's not his fault that the starting rotation was ravaged by injuries and that the minor league reinforcements were even worse than him. Had he pitched no more than the intended 50-70 innings, he would have been just fine in the role of spot-starter/long reliever. I actually find it rather amazing that of all the pitchers on the team, the 45 yearold was one of the few to remain healthy all season.

    Personally, I would re-sign Wakefield to something near the major league minimum. Maybe offer him 1 year/$500k. If that's too little for him, he can pitch elsewhere or retire. But the new manager and Cherington need to understand that Wakefield is no more than the 11th man on an 11-man pitching staff. The team needs to plan accordingly and add enough quality depth to ensure that Wakefield never pitches over 70 innings again for this team, let alone 150.

    While using Wakefield in such a limited role may prevent him from reaching the coveted 193 win total, tough luck for him. The Red Sox need to do what's best for the team as a whole. He should consider himself fortunate to be in the mix (which I do think he deserves). I'd also tell him that there's a good chance the team would play the DL game with him this year. Keep him around on the 40-man roster as Paul Byrd-type insurance. Tell him that upfront so that there are no surprises.

    Depth starters to consider (in alphabetical order):

    1. Bruce Chen
    2. Aaron Cook
    3. Armando Galarraga
    4. Freddy Garcia
    5. Jon Garland
    6. Aaron Harang
    7. Rich Harden
    8. Rodrigo Lopez
    9. Javier Vazquez
    10. Tim Wakefield
    11. Chien-Ming Wang
    12. Dontrelle Willis

    No. 4/5 guys to consider:

    1. Erik Bedard
    2. Mark Buehrle
    3. Jon Garland
    4. Hiroki Kuroda
    5. Chris Young

    I'd try to sign two guys (plus Wakefield) from the first list and two from the second.
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    Re: Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow.

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    In Response to Re: Dr. Yocum examines Lackey's elbow. : that's some darn good lemonade slomag but in order to get the cheap yr at the end it means you missed most of a yr so actually it cost you more dollars  4 the same amount of yrs on the field
    Posted by pinstripezac

    Right, but when they calculate CBT value for the luxury tax threshold, they divide the contract total by its duration.  So we go from $16M to $13.25M (roughly).  It's not a ton of money (relative to the team payroll) but we're so close to the ceiling that it's enough to make a difference - say if you were on the fence about Scutaro's option.

    Plus, when he comes back in 2013, if he's effective at all, he can be traded to almost any size market team for his final two years.

    Ultimately the best news for Sox fans is that there is hope for an explanation for his terrible performance.  Nobody's expecting him to com back and be the guy he was in 2007, but it's reasonable to hope for an ERA hovering around 4.  Optimistic, but reasonable.

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