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Drew HR & RBI since returning from DL July 20

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    Re: Drew HR & RBI since returning from DL July 20

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    Iglesias' contract included an $8mill signing bonus that he received before playing a single inning of professional baseball in America...

    How many years ago was that. That's not a question. Now, tell me why it made sense to pay Drew 9.5 million instead of going with Iglesias for 2013.


    Because Iglesias looked horrible at the plate and a lot of people thought he might never look good. So they signed a guy for ONE YEAR.

    Softys the only guy that doesn't get it, or like it.  This is hilarious

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    Re: Drew HR & RBI since returning from DL July 20

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:

    HF , please.

    Drew is getting paid like a guy who should get strong condsideration for the All Star team. He was virtually invisible for over half the season. There is a reason they signed him for only one year. It's called we need a band aid until one of the kids is ready.

    Bogaerts and Iglesias are both MLB calibre now, Bogaerts wins by default because Iglesias is a Tiger now. Drew is about ready to become a bench player , possibly at the AAA level. No way this guy ever starts at SS in the majors after this year, no GM is that stupid.

    "Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket."- George Orwell

    Zilla, are you trying to take Softy's place. Drew's having a decent year at the plate, has gotten some big hits for the club to win a few games and plays a very fine SS position. Put that in your pipe and smoke it !!


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    Re: Drew HR & RBI since returning from DL July 20

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    Yup......softys back.  The original armchair G.M.

    Under a new fake ID. Just put him on ignore again !!


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    Re: Drew HR & RBI since returning from DL July 20

    Lets get something clear the Sox didn't give Iglesias away and If Buccholz is healthy, there's no need to make a deal with the White Sox to aquire Peavy. Although some could argue that his addition along with a healthy Buccholz with Lester and Lackey gives the Sox a formitable post season rotation. One that matches up with any of the current front runners entering the post season. Fact is that at the time of the deal both the Tigers and the Sox had a need...The Sox traded Iglesias to for a proven front of the rotation veteran pitcher who is under the teams control through 2014. Some would say the Sox sold high on him, while others lament his loss.

    In the end it was the circumstances of the moment that was the reason for the trade. Cherington dealt from a position of strength to address an area of need that could've been a fatal flaw had another of our starters gone down. The Tigers were motivated by the 50 game suspension of Pheralta thier every day SS so they traded one of their top OF prospects to the White Sox in Avisil Garcia to a division rival no less. In exchange they got the SS they needed who like Garcia would be under their control for multiple years to address an area of need that could have been a fatal flaw for them....The White Sox who are now in the rebuilding mode benefitted by getting out from under Peavy's contract and acquired a outfielder that many scouts think has the tools to be an impact middle of the order bat who's under their control for the next 6 seasons. 

    No Iglesias = no Garcia = no Peavy. This trade was a win, win, win for all three teams in the short term. Peavy has more than held up his end of the bargain. His addition to our rotation helped to solidify what was a trouble spot and you also have to like the guys fire. Given that we're now 9 games up and in position to not only win the division but also finish the year with the best record in baseball. As the season draws to a close this team as comprised has a legit shot to go all the way. 

    I too loved the way Iglesias played SS, the kid has tools reminisent of the greats of alltime and he'll likely have a long and productive career at least i hope so...That said, in the here and now given how well Drew has played since getting healthy, along with seeing young Boegarts play at the big league level. The loss of Iglesias stings a little less and my guess is that having to do it over Cherinton would still make the deal And so too would I