Drew's Heating Up

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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:

    I'll argue.

    Take into account his salary and he stinks.

    Not taking into account his salary, he was lousy in April, below average in May, so-so in June, had one really good game in July, which inflates his stats.

    Since when do players get millions to be good part of the season? ...sadly he isn't the only one like this in MLB.

    You might think a player on a 1-year contract might be motivated to put up his best numbers so that he might get a longer term deal for next year. Instead he seems destined to be a bench player in the very near future, or a AAA player more likely. He'll never find a franchise dumb enough to pay him what he is getting right now. Not even the Yankees are that dumb.

    "All the president is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway." - Harry S. Truman

    I've been away from the computer since starting this thread, so I'll respond now.

    First of all, who cares what he's being paid. I don't understand why you and other fans get all hung up about money. It's pro ball. Most players are overpaid. But once they're signed, all I look at is production. The amount of the paycheck means NOTHING. If he doesn't get this kind of contract again -- who cares? But if he finishes strong, he'll get a starting job next year -- EASILY -- and likely a two- or three-year deal.

    Of course he hasn't been great, but I never said he was an All-Star, nor did I expect him to be. But since going 3-for-30 at the start, which really was his spring training, he's been adequate at the plate. Yes, he's had cold spells since that start. Many players are up and down. But he certainly has had some games where he was the difference-maker offensively -- like this past weekend, which wasn't the first time either.

    And you do yourself and him to simply say he stinks, for no other reason than he's been above average defensively. He's not as flashy as Iggy but he gets the job done. And the more games I saw with Iggy at SS and Drew at SS, it's a huge myth to suggest that there have been a lot of balls that Iggy would have gotten that Drew didn't.

    Yes, Iggy is elite defensively, and there might have been a couple  of balls overall that he might have had that Drew didn't, but not it's not some significant number that Iggy supporters like to suggest. 

    And this thread isn't an Iggy vs. Drew debate in the first place. It was just to point out that Drew has been heating up and that he's been more productive since that first week or so than his detractors admit.

    Of course, Drew could very well go into  another slump and see his average go back to the .220s. And Drew hasn't been very good against lefties overall. But I'm rooting for him to stay hot because it will help the Sox win.


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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    Drew is on fire.  Last 12 games, 17 hits and 10 walks, 4 HR and 12 RBI.  His OPS is now up to .778.

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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    Drew = Clutch!!!

    Ill give up stellar defense and settle for solid and dependable to have this kind of offense from my SS any day of the week!!!

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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    Sox were 1-11 tonight with RISP. Drew 1-1. That was a HUGE Clutch hit tonight.

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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    I know he could go stone cold tomorrow, and I like others thought he was an overpay. I had no idea he had that kind of pop or could come thru clutch like that, so right now the money doesn't look out of whack to me.

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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    Aside from Papi, Drew's the guy I have the most confidence in at the plate now. I really like the guy as a player. Because he doesn't make SportsCenter plays, he often gets overlooked as a fielder. But he's a very solid glove at short.


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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    After last night's heroics, Fangraphs now has Drew as the 8th best shortstop in baseball with a 2.4 WAR and $11.8Million value.


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    Re: Drew's Heating Up

    This brings up the question: what will a qualifying offer be for Drew? Cause there's probably gonna be a market. (Baring injury, disease, locusts...)


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