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We should not be looking to downgrade at any position, least of all centerfield. It doesn't take much to go from first to fourth in the A.L. East. The goal has to be to keep getting better, not putting less of a team out there and hoping for the best.

Right you are DG---and the Red Sox have been notorious for doing such dumb things in the recent past with disastrous results.  For a few million dollars more they pis@ed away a chance to get Mark Teixiera in the fall of 2008 and wound up signing a much inferior Rocco Baldelli instead.....and that was their big signing for that winter.  We also let a 36 homer, 119 RBI Jason Bay walk and replaced him with a totally over the hill Mike Cameron who was a flop with us and was out of baseball less than two years later.  And then there was the gem of letting Johnny Damon walk and replacing him with Coco Crisp, who though a very good defensive outfielder, was a miserable offensive player for us for three long years.  No, we should never replace a good player with an inferior one because every time we've done that we haven't won anything....not a division, not an ALC and certainly not a WS.

1-Teixeira is usually considered one of the worst contracts in BB.  Nowhere near the level of the Pujols disaster, but consider these stats-

  • 2009 Tex .948 Youk .961
  • 2010 Tex .846 Youk .975
  • 2011 Tex .835 Gonzo .957
  • 2012 Tex .807 Gonzo .812
  • 2013 Tex .609 Naps .842

So our 1Bs have significantly out-performed Teixeira since the NYY signed him.  Thank goodness we passed on him.

2-Jason continues to be probably the worst contract ever signed in terms of production per $ paid.  By WAR standards, with a 1.0 WAR being worth about $5M, he has earned a total of 0.6 WAR.  That equates to $3M worth of production for $63M.

3-Damon did a bit better, but could no longer play CF.  The NYY played him in CF, then moved him to LF for the reaminder of the contract.  We already had Manny in CF, so Johnny would've been on the bench.

And wanting to sign Tex and Bay is even worse than wanting to hire Valentine.