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    so do we just loose him for nothing or will we get draft picks, why are we not trying to trade him for anything

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    Re: ellsbury

    The pundits on the board will say what are you going to get for Ells? He is a top of the order threat we aren't making the playoffs without him...he's a base stealer. For us he's here until Oct. 1 then he's campaigning for FA.

    Try what have we done as a team with or without him since our last trip to the playoffs in 2010...

    Vegas my feeling play ball maybe hardball with Ells and Boras--we will trade Ells before the deadline--we will try to trade him to a NL contender. This way their is no QO standing in the way of a big signing--no giving up a draft pick for the signing team during FA--sign him to the highest bidder.

    We want a really good prospect in return. I mean really good because on the right team like the D'Backs  or the Giants or  Philly or the (you fill in the blank); he might be just the player to put them over the top.

    Move quickly--we haven't won 69 games yet and it could be devastating to this franchise if we fall short of 80-85.

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    Re: ellsbury

    One of the most over rated players on this team. I, in all of my years of watching the sox have never seen a guy this talented get so little from his god given talent. He's an OK CF with no arm! He's a great hitter when he's not trying to jack every pitch! He steals bases easily but never when you want him to! The worst part of him is he's a ball hog! I've seen him take balls out of the glove of Nava and Victorino because he's a gready ball hog when he plays CF. He dropped one last night that Victorino had a bead on but because he thinks everything hit in the OF is his he allowed a three base error! Trade him for whatever you can live with in return, and don't look back.

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    Re: ellsbury

    In response to vegasredsox's comment:


    so do we just loose him for nothing or will we get draft picks, why are we not trying to trade him for anything


    They are not going to trade him because they have spent most of the season in first place, and he has been a huge part of that.  Like Bradley or not, he might be with this team for 10 years and never be on a first place team.



    Ellsbury will finish the year with the team and depart via free agency.  This is not a crime, and not a deathnail for the Sox organization.  At the very least, his turnaround has made extending him a qualifying offer a complete no-brainer, as the chances he would accept it now are all but zero...

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    Re: ellsbury

    He wont get traded. You guys really need to get off of this.Undecided If you think this team, who is currently in the playoffs if we started now, is going to start trading players that are a huge part of their success, you really need to start understanding how baseball works a bit better. Vegas and Mad are more worried about getting some prospect that MIGHT make it or might not over possibly making a Worls Series run? Come on guys...

    We can get a good prospect in the comp. round. Heres a few names weve got from recent round 1 compensation...

    Matt Barnes, Blake Swihart, JBJ, Henry Owens, Bryce Brentz, Anthony Ranaudo, Brandon Workman, Daniel Bard, Jacoby Ellsbury (ironic, huh?), and Clay Buchholz.

    So as you can see, the compensation round can produce many valuable players. Offer Ells a QO and get an extra pick after round 1 next year. Now can we please move on from this???

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    Re: ellsbury

    If you want to trade Ellsbury then fine....but please don't advocate trading the farm for starters.  Either we are buyers or sellers.  If we want to make a playoff run.....we keep Ellsbury?