In response to softlaw2's comment:

I have a MS and make 6 figures and I am not 30.

I have new for you and your boastful nonsense, making 6 figures isn't making a lot of money if you pay your federal nanny. 

My parents are extremely proud of my accomplishments.

Your alleged material "accomplishments" are nothing to be proud of. I hope your parents don't have the same insecurity and low self esteem that you have.

I am happy with my life which judging by your posting you can't say the same.

No one, attempting to practice psychiratry on a message board, is happy with their life.

Go ahead blame the gays or the poor for your struggles, not yourself. You are a hateful man and you have embraced you ingorance.

And we now get to the root of your animus, and the reason for your trolling rabid blather. The reflexive "hateful man and "ignorance" are like listening to a teenage head of the Student Union. I'm not struggling, and get back with me when you can speak intelligently about sexual behavior proclivity and not ape some childish epithet like "gay" and "poor".

I feel sorry for you actually, there is no way 5 year old softy wanted to become such a sad adult.

You need to stop projecting your own insecurities and inadequacies, you are making a fool of yourself.

You managed to bash gays in this post way to go! One has to think you might be hiding something. Listen a lot of this post is nonsense. WTH is a federal nanny? I litterally have nothing to prove to you. Your rantings sound like a mad man. I think you have things to work out. This probably isn't the place for that. I get it you feel like times have pasted you by. To be fair have never really had problem with you until recently. You need help and you should get some. If it makes you feel better you can shout to the roof tops of me projectting but we both know you aren't happy.