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Must be the poster who said the Rays were going away. Who was the poster who said Jake would be nothing more than a 4th OF'er? I said Jake would spend a large part of career as a platoon/4th OF'er. And he will. Jake would never have a full season with an OBP over .330 (later amended to .340, later amended to career average of over .340, later amended to leadoff OBP over .340, etc...) I never said "over .330", you lying sack of NYT. I siad he'd be lucky to have a career OBP over .350, and one career year of .360 would be max possibility. Appears like he has a shot at .370, but I doubt he hold that. Career OBP is low .350's. I don't "amend".   Jake would hit more HRs if he played in LF. He would. Jake's stock was highest in 2009.   It was. CS is up and v. LhP is way down. Mixed bag, despite the euphoria. He was embarrassing, field and 8 LOB's, tonight. Jake's HR totals are padded by Pesky Pole. I never said that. In fact, I said it reduced totals. That said, season is getting late and I said one career would be high teens and low 20's,max. Career average is about 12 to 13. Reddick has more bat speed and a better swing for power. It remains to be seen where "MVP" Ellsbury ends up on a career season in some categories. Jake's season should be credied to a guy who hits 2 batters behind him. True. Put him in Oakland and MVP nonsense won't get off propaganda speakers. AGon is MVP on his own, and coattailing Bellsbury.
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ELLSBURY gives you great pain,must be hard to be wrong so much.