douby and dempster are primed for the bullpen dumpster on this team. on every other playoff team they would b competing for the third or 4th spots and definitely would b making a start. then look at that infield. yanks cant find any homegrown talent not currentlly in their 40s and about to retire yet we have middy-boegy-pedy-nava all primed to take over those spots next year plus a ton of other reinforcements. at catcher l-way is primed to take ower if salt likely walks. in the OF, ells is still ours and will b if he take s a discount. if not, no biggie, JBJ can b just as good as other guys are primed and ready to take ower the other spots within a year or 2.

the game is all about pitching. is there an org more stocked than us for years to come? power arms all ower the place! les-buch-douby all came from our wombs..  in a year, our big challenge is hawing too many mlb ready great arms.

what other team could lose a nap-drew-ells-salt and not lose much if anything in terms of competiwe advantage? i almost wanna b a baseball socialist and channel my inner bama in spreading around all this wealth.. but NO! socialism works best when its other people's riches being spread around!