End It So Changes Can Be Made

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    Re: End It So Changes Can Be Made

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    Either way, Theo is gone. If they miss, Coma is gone too.
    Posted by PetesCall

      Francona stays, so does Theo, and will have probably have pretty much the same roster. High salaries will dictate what Sox can, and can not do. The only moves will  be minor in nature i.e. 5th starter, some front end bull-pen help etc.
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    Re: End It So Changes Can Be Made

    Two years of underperformance and a lame injury excuse. Whether ownership fires Theo is irrelevant for fan voting. Any fan who doesn't vote to fire Epstein is not in their right minds, regardless of post season performance.
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    Re: End It So Changes Can Be Made

    ANY!!!! changes that could be made if the Sox don't make the playoffs will be can and should be made if they do make the playoffs......so hoping we don't get in at this point is stupid....plain and simply stupid.

    Now with that said this is my idea for next year, and yes some may consider it a bit radical. 

    We need a pitcher, a bona fide #1 starting pitcher would be idea.  Yes we have Jon Lester he is without doubt one of the best, but I doubt he will ever win a cy-young because he tends to have these horrible spells where he canno't find the strike zone....and YES every good pitcher has a bad game but it seems to happen to lester a few times more every year than your typical starter.  Then we have Josh Beckett, who seems to be good every other year, and even if you believe that to be more a function of chance (which I do)  than anything else he still seems to be injury prone.

    This team needs another strong starter.

    My suggestions:

    C.C. Sabathia or C.J. Wilson

    one is available and the other may become available. Pulling Sabathia away from the Yankees may be out of the question but he is that Starter that would give us the edge, he wouldn't just make the rotation better but he would make the bullpen better (how many of our starting pitchers can go 230 innings for 3 years straight.  Plus it could be some Johnny damon payback and would certainly heighten the rivalry.

    C.J. Wilson - should come much cheaper than Sabathia, seems to really have converted over to the starter role and is also a Lefty.  He may not be the #1 true ace, but he's a solid top of the rotation starter and would fit in well.  It may also be a more realistic option.


    but...um...yeah this season ain't over yet, I have confidence this team can turn it around and if they do go all the way.

    And if I'm wrong.....then this fan is going down with the ship....PROUDLY
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    Re: End It So Changes Can Be Made

    You really are a sad sack... especially considering your sack has no marbles.