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    Re: ERIK BEDARD dilemma

    I don't disagree about E Bedard--how many pitchers today throw more than 100 pitches. Plus the team is going no where why risk a few more seasons by having to throw 150 pitches. 

    Schilling must be reminiscing a bit about shaking Tek off and throwing a meatball that ended his no hit bid. Everybody has an opinion---some have a lot more than others. I wonder if Bedard ever expressed an opinion about Schill's business venture in RI; I don't think so.

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    Re: ERIK BEDARD dilemma

    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    cant believe the criticism he's taking for opting out of a no-hitter after 6 1/3 innings. he only averages 5+ innings per start for his CAREER! plus he's been perpetually hurt and is finally healthy in a very long time. schill ripped him for being a quitter, underachiever and loser. giv me a break, the guy would have had to throw 155 pitches based on what he was averaging that game to go 9.

    if we could get him back for a c-prospect or 2, i would get him back in a heartbeat. not everyone can b like a feliz hernandez or built like a schill.. giv me a break! glad at 34 he knows himself and can confidently draw lines! 6 1/3 of no-hit ball is good enough, says he still has DOMINANT type stuff!

    Everything I heard (MLB Radio, ESPN) was for him. He was a t 109 pitches, and his team was losing.

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    Re: ERIK BEDARD dilemma

    On Saturday against Seattle, Erik Bedard was missing bats on baseball's highest-scoring team in July:,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=6,d

    When Bedard is on, the lefthander is on.