Extension for Cespedes

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    Re: Extension for Cespedes

    In response to Flapjack07's comment:

    Give me another Nixon in our OF any time.

    Too bad Tricky Dick is no longer with us. I heard he had a cannon for an arm.

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    Re: Extension for Cespedes

    We got a definite pick as compared to a probable pick. I know it's a lower pick but it's $800,000 of spending money plus the pick. That is another Mookie Betts level bonus. And it's definite. Lester could have tanked in the last several months and not even be worth a QO or not gotten signed after one (ala Drew ) or gotten injured. A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush sometimes.

    Plus we got more than 3 times as much control which is clearly significant in itself.

    We needed RH power and we got that in Cespedes, when it is extremely hard to trade for or sign via free agency right now. And it was largely unavailable next winter via FA except for Hanley. Power hitting, relatively young OF are very much at a premium.

    Finally, the bottom line is we are one of the few teams who would both covet Cespedes game as an extreme pull RH hitter, and be able to pay him what he is potentially worth. The Redsox have shown a willingness to even overpay for guys they really want, as they did with Victorino and Napoli. I think they are very likely to extend Cespedes this winter. They will offer him a real strong offer. If he still doesn't want it fine. We are making a calculated gamble but there is a real good chance this is a good fit for both Cespedes and the team.

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    Re: Extension for Cespedes

    In response to RigatoniT's comment:

    ctredsoxfanhugh another player you might draw statistical comparison to is Josh Willingham. 

    I love Cespedes on the team but let us not go crazy that he is anything more than a #5 or #6 hitter... who may or may not ever play in more than 140 games a season.

    I agree.  I think he could be one of the better #5 #6 guys out there, but he's not a true #3#4 on a first division team.  I think he's still a good bat, and the defense and speed adds more value as well, and he's a guy I'd like to keep around.....but we shouldn't act like he's going to replace Ortiz or anything. 

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