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Fake IDs in MLB

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    Re: Fake IDs in MLB

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    been wondering all along if  jose iglesias wasn't really  bert campaneris I wouldn't be shocked to hear that there were more players lying about their ages to look EITHER younger or older
    Posted by pinstripezac

    WHy would they want to look older?

    Younger is the key. 

    A Dominican 16yo showing talent can get a big contract, but a 17yo showing the same skills won't get paid as much.  An 18yo showing the same skills might get a couple hundred dollars.

    Juan Oviedo used his friends ID to misrepresnt himself because by being oneyear younger, he was worth a lot more.  And he hardly pioneered this maneuver.  Remember right before rhe 2002 MLB season when all the Latino players true ages were being discovered and it lead to a slew of visa problems?  Bartolo Colon aged 4 years that off-season.

    The only player I have ever heard of representing himself to be older was Adrian Beltre, in what was clearly a maneuver orchestrated by Scott Boras.  And probably one he did more than once...
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    Re: Fake IDs in MLB

    what if U R 15


    ok what if U R 14
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    Re: Fake IDs in MLB

    Wakefield obviously has a fake ID, as he clearly moves, looks and pitches like he is 90 years old.