Fantasy Ball III

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    Re: Fantasy Ball III

    time to make moves!!!........Burrito T- I know it's probably on the league site.....but just for info purposes does the playoffs work?

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    Re: Fantasy Ball III

    Burr, great trade proposal (Starlin Castro for Craig Kimbrel). I was completely torn on which way to go. I had to sleep on it, mulled it over a few times. Ran it down to pretty much the expiration date of the deal and finally flipped a coin when i couldnt decide. I likely wouldn't have kept Kimbrel between seasons anyway and even though Castro is playing poorly this year he is still a valuable trade piece (as you can attest to). Nobody is beating Notin this season but i am building for the future. As it stands now, My 6 keepers will probably be B. Posey, P. Goldschmidt, D. Pedroia, S. Castro, G. Stanton and C. Bucholtz/M. Cuddyer (pending on how Buch finishes the season.....IF he finishes the season). I figure pitching is harder to predict from year to year than hitting on a player by player basis. So i'm stocking up on young position players to keep for next year and cross the pitching bridge when i get there on draft day.

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    Re: Fantasy Ball III

    In response to BurritoT-'s comment:

    Castro has been playing his best baseball of the season the past two weeks, I probably traded him at the wrong time!  A good trade none the less.

    Play-offs: Division winners and two teams with the best records make the show - 6 teams all together.  I imagine the very best division winner plays the non-division winner with the worse record.

    I wanted 8 teams but there was no setting that allowed that with the divisions if I recall correctly. I thought it would have been cool if the top two teams would have gooten a bye.

    For KEEPERS I was thinking "5". I will put it to a vote in August for either "4" or "5". I don't care for the leagues that keep 7+.... really no point as the beat teams continue to be the best and the poor teams can't find good players in the draft. With 4 or 5 you get to keep your favorite players but still have the fun of having to go get some other players you really want.


    i like 6. i nice even number

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