FARRELL: "by all metrics, NAP has the MOST range at first than any other first baseman in the game!" agree?

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    Re: FARRELL:

    napoli has no doubt been good overall, and certainly better than expected defensively. i do agree that drew wont be brought back, more likey he will be given a qualifying offer and decline and sign elsewhere, thus netting us a draft pick. Napoli on the other hand, well, its hard to say. most likely we will open next season with middy at 3rd and xander at ss. leaving first base as our priority aside from catcher, but most likely salty will be re-signed. we will likely have a few interesting options if we choose not to bring back napoli. and as good of a sesason as he has had, there is plenty of reasons to look elswhere this offseason. he is 32, has a potentially cripling hip problem and strikes out a ton. also by virtue of being a catcher for the majority of his career, he has more miles on his legs which could cause for a more rapid decline. In terms of our other potential options this offseason, the 2 best will likely be jose abreu and kendrys morales. 

    kendrys morales is the obviously the more proven of the two, is 2 years younger than napoli, is a switch hitter, plays 1B and RF and has the ability to post  .280 30 homer, 100 rbi seasons. 

    Jose Abreu on the other hand is the youngest of the bunch at age 26, has posted monster seasons in the cuban league, and has huge potential. (he also would not cost us a draft pick)