was listening to eei and i loved varitek's joke about picking pedy as his caddie if he had to pick a fellow red sox to do it for his putt-putt tournament. he felt that since pedy is shorter than the putter, it could be an advantage. just an example of the extreme levity these guys have amongst each other. pedy gives and takes it. pedy will definitely be the jeter of this team as el captaino the minute tek is no longer around. he rubs everyone the right way. again, as has often been whispered mr. lackey is right uo there in terms of guys loved and admired in that clubhouse. beckett said he would pick lack in a heartbeat because it would be fun to have him around and esp afterwards. comes across as a real easygoing fun guy to have around unless ur tito coming for the bal or a fielder who just made an error behind him. but from what i gather, even the management and coaching types admire him as well. he certainly fits in well. just hope it could all start transferring to his performances on the mound!