"Field of dreams" site sold to investors including Wade Boggs

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    "Field of dreams" site sold to investors including Wade Boggs

    Well, it actually looks like he will build it, and they will come.

    The 193 acres of Iowa farmland featured in the 1989 film Field of Dreams officially sold for $3.4 million to Go the Distance Baseball LLC, an investment group led by Chicago-area couple Mike and Denise Stillman and featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs.

    The five-time American League batting champ -- whose celebrity has reached mythical proportions in recent years as a result of his beer-drinking prowessdance moves at Oklahoma City Thunder gamesand lion-killing ways on safari in Africa -- and his fellow investors plan to begin construction on a massive youth sports complex called All-Star Ballpark Heaven this spring and will host tournament games as soon as 2014.

    However, local landowners filed a petition in Iowa District Court in hopes of halting the development,citing "irreparable harm," and proceedings on that matter begin next week, according to a Dubuque Telegraph-Herald report.


    Previous owners Don and Becky Lansing originally listed the property for $5.4 million two years ago,according to the Des Moines Register.

    “Certainly this is a momentous time for both Donnie and I,” Becky Lansing said Tuesday through a news release. “We have been preparing for this sale for a few years, and our family, including Donnie’s sister Betty Boeckenstedt, will continue to be a part of the movie site through the transition with the new owners and, likely, beyond."

    Over the past year, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and the Dyersville, Iowa City Council approved $21.6 million in tax breaks for the youth sports complex, which will include 12 baseball fields and cost an estimated $38 million.

    As a result, the local landowners filed their petition in court. In response, a countersuit has been filed against them for potentially interfering with those tax incentives.

    No word on whether Boggs will invoke Kevin Costner's character from Field of Dreams in court: "This is my corn. You people are guests in my corn."

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    dance moves at Oklahoma City Thunder games






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    I think that's where Fisk was headed when he got stuck in the cornfield and didn't quite make it.