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Fire Epstein?

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    Re: Fire Epstein?

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    Epstein is a Yale man, so he is no dummy, however, he should find another line of work. He has become, in a word , weird. We all know about all the failures, Lackey adnauseum. But when he knew they needed pitching in reserve, he signed Millwood. Millwood pitched okay in Pawtucket, he was getting into shape basically, here's a guy who has pitched in the All Star game. gee his fastball was 86 mph. Theo lets him walk. Millwood's numbers in the rarified air of Colo are reasonable, how's Freddy Garcia doing? Millwod throws about the same as Freddy, he could have help the Sox. But OH no we get Weiland, rookie who has been pounded ever since he got here. Theo has two catchers, neither who can throw any base stealer out. He loaded the team with Lefthanded hitters, making them vulnerable to left Handed pitching. He goes through Short Stops like Grant went through Richmond. His performance this year is bordering on crap. Should he be fired? of course. Will he be fired , no way, they sell out everynight, putting mediocrity , on the field, and charging a King's ransom to watch . people continue to buy this crap , so it will continue. You don't like the results? vote with your feet, that's the only thing they understand. "The more I practice, the luckier I get" Sam Snead.
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    Salty has a 32% CS rate.

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    Re: Fire Epstein?

    "Theo and the Rich Man" at theatres near you
    Using the theory of "six degrees of seperation", the Red Sox statistically oriented majority owner decides that statistically oriented Theo Epstein is indeed his son. Theo thus wins every internal power battle inlcuding one against one of the best executives in MLB, Larry Lucchino, who boasts a true track record of success.  Thus, when the "son" pulls a James Dolan (ie, wastes tens of millions of dollars for athletes that don't fit the core team's needs or the chemistry, or are washed up, or grossly underperform for no apparent reason), the owner simply fires the coach.  I think there is zero chance John Henry would fire Theo, and also zero chance Theo would take a job with the Cubs, because he probably knows he couldn't handle it.
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    Re: Fire Epstein?

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    In Response to Re: Fire Epstein? : But why, if they thought his days were numbered, would they extend Beckett? And he had just come off of an AS year.  How is it possible that someone said, 'Beckett is an AS, but we think he's finished, so let's extend him'?
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    Re: Fire Epstein?

    ipot, it is a sports message board and fan survey. Survey says over 50% want Epstein gone. Survey does not say survey results decide if Theo is fired.

    The Nation wants to fire Obama. But it will be a few more months before they fire him. 
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    Re: Fire Epstein?

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    Theo Epstein was not the architect of the 2004 team and much of the 2007 team.  He's been given undue credit for those teams.     Any of the bad contracts are his doing and he needs to be held accountable.   The Sox have the capable Allard Baird in the front office to be a real general manager. Let Theo try his luck in Chicago or wherever.  He's done enough damage here.
    Posted by Diamondtalk

    One Hundred % correct!!!!  Dan Duquette built those teams and without DLowe, Pedro, Manny, Tck, Jonny Damon there would be no championships.  Theo had little to do with either year.  Even Beckett and Lowell were brought aboard when he was temporarily resigned.  Wish he had stayed gone then!!!
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    Re: Fire Epstein?

    somebody has to be accountable for the this epic fail, and the way baseball works it won't be the players.  so yeah I think theo or tito has to go.  even if they back into the playoffs and get rocked.
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    Re: Fire Epstein?

    Good article on Yahoo sports (today) showing how Cashman completely azzclowned Epstein over Crawford.

    Cashman details faking out Red Sox, boosting Crawford’s price

    Back during December's major league free-agent frenzy, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman admitted to,_yanks_await_lees_response" target="_blank">Jack Curry of the YES Network that he faked having an interest in free agent Carl Crawford(notes), just so the Boston Red Sox would have to pay more money to sign him.

    Which they did, to the tune of $142 million.

    Since then, Crawford has apologized for failing to live up to the expectations of the contract, and the Red Sox are struggling to make the playoffs. The Yankees, who most (not me!) picked to finish behind Boston, are meanwhile working on posting the best record in the American League.

    In reflecting on how his team's own offseason acquisitions affected the Yankees' drive to finishing first in the AL East, Cashman detailed his thoughts to ESPN New York regarding his "pursuit" of Crawford. Yep, it was nothing but monkeyshines with agent Greg Genske.

    They both used Boston's paranoia — along with the media — to their mutual advantage:

    "I actually had dinner with the agent to pretend that we were actually involved and drive the price up," Cashman said. "The outfield wasn't an area of need, but everybody kept writing Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford. And I was like, 'I feel like we've got Carl Crawford in Brett Gardner, except he costs more than $100 million less, with less experience.' "

    So, one of Santa's elves lied. I'm OK with this. It's slick. It's underhanded. It's genius. It's the way you have to play in the cutthroat world of the AL East sometimes.

    If you're a Yankees fan, or Brian Cashman fan, you realize it takes more than having a blank checkbook to make a baseball team win. The Yankees had a bottomless bank account in the 1980s, too, but were mismanaged and won nothing.

    Curry also speculated that some of Cashman's motivation came out of revenge for Boston making an offer to closer Mariano Rivera(notes), who eventually re-signed with the Yankees. But as far as big, big money players went, Cashman was much more interested in signing left-hander Cliff Lee(notes). He soiled the Yankees offseason by signing with the Phillies shortly after Crawford went with Boston. Cashman said he was even willing to move super catching prospect Jesus Montero(notes) in order to make it easier to land Lee.

    Instead of adding Lee — who Cashman still regrets losing — the Yankees brought in Freddy Garcia(notes) and Bartolo Colon(notes). Things have worked out in that regard, so far.

    On that last part, it's funny how right Cashman was about the relative values of Gardner and Crawford. Crawford has hit for more power, but Gardner's gotten on base more and stolen more bases — and is about $141.5 million cheaper. So, no matter your opinion of Cashman's chicanery, the Yankees have been better off.

    "What I said was accurate: The Red Sox had a great winter, and I had a bad winter," Cashman said. "But as it turned out, I had a better winter than anybody would've expected, including myself."