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First Act of GM Idiocy! Bean Counting With Iglesias

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    Re: First Act of GM Idiocy! Bean Counting With Iglesias

    About the only thing Softy has right, although following his non sequitur stream of consciousness is beyond challenging, is that our ability to sign Ells. after next year is seriously in jeopardy due to the foolishly inflated contract of Crawford!  I really like this kid's attitude, but I'm afraid he has seen better days, & is destine to stay a sub par hitter & fielder.  

    Crawford's contract is analogous to those who bought the hugely inflated fixer upper in the rich part of town at the peek of the housing market.  Now we're under water in our house, the market has collapsed, we've lost our jobs, we can't afford to fix this thing up & there is no prospect of ever being able to sell this money pit, even if we were able to make it liveable.  Even if we could afford to fix it up, replace the roof, remove all the dry rot, strip & replace all the faulty wiring, replace the rotten flooring.......  there's no avoiding the fact that this place was built on a famed Florida sinkhole! 

    The only thing left to do is root like hell for this kid & pray Ellsbury does not sign with the Yankees in 2 years!  My hope is that public pressure will cause John Henry to "break the bank" once again & keep this future Hall of Famer in Red Sox!
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    Re: First Act of GM Idiocy! Bean Counting With Iglesias

    Ortiz, AGon and Pedroia are the lifters for the Red Sox. Ellsbury is a fan favorite overrated prima donna who has never seen a wall ball or blooper he would risk going after.