First pitches, Orioles vs. Sox

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    First pitches, Orioles vs. Sox

    I am probably wrong, but I did have the impression in the recent 4 game series that the Orioles pitchers were far more aggressive than the Sox pitchers about getting that 0-1 count.  They were helped of course by the Sox tendency to take the first pitch. 

    When our guys were pitching, on the other hand, I think most Orioles hitters had the green light to swing at first pitch fastballs near the center.  And they had the green light because like 80% of the time, maybe more, the first pitch by a Sox pitcher is a fast ball. 

    Feel free to comment because I'm not at all sure about the above. 

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    Re: First pitches, Orioles vs. Sox

    Max I agree with you not sure where you're going with this.

    Two different philosophies on hitting. Sox want to see a lot of pitches, the O's would prefer to be aggressive. Occasionally I'd like to see the Sox more aggressive.

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