Foreign Descent

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    Foreign Descent

    I have never seen a pitcher get more line drives hit right at him then Hiroki Kuroda of the Yankees. Just wanted to say that.

    Speaking of Asians, the number one free agent target this winter to me for the Red Sox is Shin-Soo Choo. Number two might be Masahiro Tanaka...


    The Dominican Summer League team is doing quite well. They have the second best record in the 35 team league. They are number 1 in ERA, WHIP, and fielding percentage. They are 2nd in steal differential. And 4th in walks. Again, this is a 35 team league. Clearly they are well coached to have such good team efficiency stats for such a young team[2nd youngest]. Fundamentals are best taught at an early age.


    Jose Abreu is the number 1 player I want added to the Red Sox from the Miami region. Even more then Giancarlo Stanton. Instead of sending Xander to the Marlins for Stanton, how bout somebody send an inner tube to Abreu?


    The day to sign international free agents is just two weeks away. It will be a lot more like the draft then it was in the past. Should all happen on that day for example. If the draft is like Christmas, this will be more like Hanukkah though. Lots of new gifts, if not quite as nice a ones.


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    Re: Foreign Descent

    They love Choo in Cincy, will make every effort to sign him Im sure.

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    Re: Foreign Descent

    I would love to see Choo on the Sox.  As stated last winter, that would mean I could watch Sox games easily in Korea.  Literally, I could watch every game completely free.  The move from Cleveland to Cinci really sucked for me.  At least I could see a few Sox games easily back then.  (Yeah, doesn't work for me, because I can't watch it at work, but I can use my phone to stream broadcasts.)