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What's a "freak"?  A freak of nature like Jesse Owens, Eugene Vidal, Wilt Chamberlain or Sandy Koufax?  They're great!  We all have unique abilities and influences, some rise above us all.

What's a "Geek"?  I love the image of Eddie Gaedel batting....partially because of the stunning image, partially because of the driver behind it (Veeck's showmanship) and partially becaue when I told my (then) 10-year old daughter midgets were summarily banned from MLB the next day she said "That's not fair!".  She was right, it's not fair in a sense to ban midgets, or Stiffies, from anything, but it would be more farcical to allow a participant that inadvertantly corrupted an event to do so.

What's a cheat?  HGH? We most would agree it is.  Putting a ligament from a cadaver into an elbow?  Most of us would agree it is not.  Casey Martin?  Loved him, but thought he should have been barred from pro golf UNLESS every player (old, injured, etc.) could also use a cart.  Muttiah Muralitharan?  All-time leading wicket-taker in cricket, always questioned because his arm was congenitally prevented from being straight.

Fair?  Impossible to agree....is it "unfair" that my younger brother had a cannon throwing arm and I didn't....despite nearly identical sizes and shapes?   Not to me, that was just the breaks.   I think the final word on "fair", for now and forever was "Harrison Bergeron".