The sox signed according to MLBTR the number:

12.  Shane Victorino

13.  David Ortiz

14.  Mike Napoli

16.  Ryan Dempster

24.  Stephen Drew

35.  Koji Uehara

Rated free agents, plus a solid back up catcher in Ross and Gomes who is similar to C. Ross. Dempster will give innings at the very least and Uehara will be a plus for the pen.  The Sox had a lot of holes in the field and filled them with maybe not the best players but good players.  The best part is all were signed for about 130 mil and will all be gone in 3 or less yrs.  The Sox also kept all their prospects and did not lose any future picks.  The sox had many holes to fill and u cant fill them all by siging the top guys, Hamilton 5 yrs and 125 almost equals all 8 players the Sox signed and would only fill one hole.  And if they signed Greinke or Sanches then the Sox would have been close to the 200 mil spent mark and still had plenty of holes to fill.

Oh and by the way lets give the team a chance before we wright them all off its Dec 18 not the middle of the summer.