From big basher to big booster on Lackey

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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

    In response to ampoule's comment:

    So, the rank in innings by Lackey is a statement by you of his inadequacy.

    This being the case, and the contract already being signed, what would be your present day suggestion?  That's a question.

    Does the fact that he's pitching pretty well please you?

    Also, innings have been Softy's new fetish. He is using it to disqualify good pitcher because they don't pitch 8 innings. I really thing innings for Lackey are irrelevant because he got hurt. I don't understand why Softy needs to tie previous years performance and his contract to whether or not this season has been any good for Lackey.

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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

    John Lackey:   Wow!


    John Lackey  3  4  .429  7  7  0  39 .2 34  18  12  3  11  40


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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

    I am very happy to see Lackey having a good season for the Red Sox.  Hopefully, it will continue for the entire season.   

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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

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    For the better part of 3 years, I was a big Lackey basher.  Couldn't stand the guy!  Seeing him come back this off season, in perhaps the best shape of his life, I decided to give the guy one last shot.  His attitude seems radically different to me.  He's in great shape.  He seems focused & driven.

    Tonight....  I'm really seeing for the first time..............  that this guy can actually PITCH!

    Good on you John!!! 


    Hard work & dedication can never be under estimated!

    Lackey has been pitching well but I'm not ready to consider him or Dempster a good bet as our #3 in the PS just yet.  We should have stayed away from guys like Gomes and Dempster and signed Anibal. 

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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

    I don't remember people being critical of Lackey in 2010 for his attitude, just for his performance and contract. And it should be noted that Lackey was better in 2010 than given credit for, especially the last half of the season.

    So his 2011 images certainly can be attributed to pitching in pain and his personal, off-the-field issues, and maybe he just didn't handle it very well. Who of us have never had issues that we didn't deal with in a good manner?

    I don't recall hearing about any attitude issues when he was with the Angels. So maybe missing last year was a good thing. It allowed him to get healthy, put his personal problems behind him and give him the chance to restart his career.

    The guy always has been popular with his teammates to the point where they appear to go out of their way to defend him, so I think it might have been a bit unfair to think of him as a bad guy. It likely was more of a good/decent guy who just had a bad time for a number of reasons.

    He's been a competitor and I don't think he gets enough credit for trying to pitch through the arm issues in 2011. Maybe J.D.  Drew and Ellsbury had it right for not playing through injuries because if it affects a player's performance, they get ripped mercilessly (see Cameron).

    If he keeps this up for the season, hopefully fans who had bashed him in the past will give him a second chance and put the 2011 mess in the past.

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    Re: From big basher to big booster on Lackey

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    In response to mrmojo1120's comment:


    I have never been a fan of the signing.I thought he was a below average pitcher even when he had his best stuff working.I really expected a 4.70 or 4.80  ERA from him.He aggravated me they with way he would react  when a teammate made an error too.

      He seems a lot different this year.I don't know if it's because Beckett's gone or if he finally feels "right" physically or a combination of things.Whatever it is,it's working for him in a big way.I'm happy to be wrong about him and hope he keeps proving me wrong.


    No more arm issues that had to be frustration. No more personal problems dealing with a divorce. And no more crazy clubhouse that has now bit ridded of all the whiners and replaced with good baseball guys. Glad to see him looking like hes enjoying the game again.


    Well put! Tough pitching with a bad elbow and a bad mariage. Looks and acting like a new guy. Easy to be happy when your back pitching well and personal life is back in order. Good luck  John Lackey RS could use the pitcher they thought they were getting when they signed you. It will give RS big boost if he continues what he has shown so far this year.