Full Circle

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    Full Circle

    There was some talk of Wil Myers for Lester. The trade never happened. Some poster mention after it was clear the Sox where in position to win the division(Moony...). Today Lester pitched a gem and the Sox offense was turn on following the Myers misplay.

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    Re: Full Circle

    True, but we need to keep nose to grindstone. This series needs to be brought to a close in no more than 4 games. Going to a game 5 and seeing the exact same pitching matchup would not bode well for us. If it goes that far, the Rays will have regained some momentum, and  Moore will be better, count on it. But even if we win we lose the ability to use Lester in game 1 of the ALCS, or at least lose the option of using him if we want to. No, keep foot on neck, knife to throat and finish it now. Black flag, no quarter to the enemy.