Game 8 Thread: Orioles @ Red Sox

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    Re: Game 8 Thread: Orioles @ Red Sox

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    i would say farrell is just as much at fault as hanrahan, he clearly didnt have it tonight and quite honestly has been shaky to date, and imploded on the mound. The thing is, he should not have been left in that long, closer or not. i mean the guy allowed a lead off homer, then a single, walked 2, then a wild pitch and then another homer to machado of all people. he should have be yanked after he walked the bases loaded, at that point the sox still had the lead by 1 and there was 2 out. there is no excuse for leaving him in that long, hes not mariano rivera, pulling him was the right call without question, its stupid decisions like this that cost the sox games and will haunt us later in the year. quite honestly i wouldnt be opposed to making bailey the closer and putting hanrahan as a set up guy. bailey is pitching better and is our future close anyways. 


    So hindsight is 20/20. I didn't see deer in the headlights I saw someone who looked tired(Hanny). The need is for the starters to give the team 6 innings or more--last night you had the rain delay-understandable no six. There must be a plan B--there should be a couple of games a week that Bailey or Taz close out. The same with Ue and others: they throw 15 pitches in the pen, 9 warmups and a 15 pitch inning--that's roughly 40 pitches 5 to 7 days a week. That's a lot more pitches than starters throw on a 5 day cycle.


    Not making excuses but what is plan B?

    The ump missed not one but two outstanding pitches, inside corner, that was the game--no walk, no bases loaded and no tie game and no Machado AB. Game over.

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