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Game Thread 16: Royals at Red Sox

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    Re: Game Thread 16: Royals at Red Sox

    for the tenth time, i stand by what i wrote, they had us all on our knees for a few hours but like the hulkster bak in the day we got up, hulked up, pointed, hit the leg drop and got the pin win like real heroes.

    They gotten hunted down like the dogs they are.  These pathetic little punks put a bomb next to an 8 year old kid, ran away, then celebrated when they killed the poor kid.  Then when the adults came, they ran like the cowards they are.

    It was so bad, that the younger brother ran down his older brother trying to escape, then hid in someone's backyard when he realized we'd shoot back.

    As often I've seen it here in the Bronx, there aren't a lot of things more fun than when the bully is about to get his butt whipped, and knows it.

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