Game thread 65: Red Sox at Rays

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    Re: Game thread 65: Red Sox at Rays

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment:

    It was a great game (takes sip from half full cup of coffee)

    It was a win against a divisional opponent

    we gained on our lead against the Yankees and the Rays

    It was a frustrating day, and it would have been much more frustrating if they lost.

    in 162 games sometimes your closer blows the game and sometimes some of your best starters don't have their best stuff.

    Very often a team like the Rays gains momentum and wins that game.  As frustrating as it was when obviously your pitchers didn't have their best stuff and the lineup gets shutdown after the first inning it has to feel good to FINALLY be able to find a way to win that game.

     If you want to say it wasn't a pretty game, I'd agree with you.  But it was a GOOD win, because you have to win the ugly games.  I've been a pro-athlete, and I've also played in a team environment (though not on a pro level)  One thing that has stuck with me my whole life that one of my coaches said to me was this: "how you perform on your worst day will reflect how good you are when you are at your best"

     Think about that statement and now think about the difference between last years team and this years team.  Last year, the Boston Red Sox lose last night; this year they win that kinda game.

    So in the larger scheme of things, I consider last night a great win because as ugly as it was it reflects on the kinda season this team is was a GREAT WIN!.

    Now my cup is I'm going to fill it back up..FULL

    "How well you perform on your worst day, reflects on how good you're at your best"

    I'm just ticked that I was asleep when it ended and had to watch the rest this morning.

    It was a good game because Pedey made two spectacular defensive plays, not to mention the 4-2-3 double play he started in the 11th.

    You don't see plays like that every day.

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    Re: Game thread 65: Red Sox at Rays

    Crix, I see your point regarding whether it was a "great" win. I prefer to think of it as a "character win." When the Rays finally tied it in the 8th, I had very little doubt the Sox were done. When Longoria came up in the bottom of the 10th with the score tied, the bases loaded, and nobody out, I had zero doubt.

    But thanks to a gutty effort by several -- Victorino taking the extra base, Pedey's two web gems, Navy's big hit, Salty going 4-for-7 and catching all 14, and Uehara and Morales bouncing back from brutal outings -- the Sox pulled it out.

    Sure, with a six-run first, none of the above should have been necessary. But the Sox easily could have blown that one last night.

    Definitely a character win.