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Game Thread 70: Red Sox at Orioles

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    Re: Game Thread 70: Red Sox at Orioles

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    Here is a number for you to digest: 44%. Thats the percentage of games Ellsbury had missed since 2011 of the total number of games the Sox played. 

    Granderson has missed 59 of 67 games played this year. That's 90%.  Does that make him fragile?

    Greinke has missed 6 of 14 starts this year.  Is he fragile?

    Take my medical advice and try to separate recurring and chronic issues from one-off collision type of injuries.





    Ellsbury's injury history goes back more than one year. Its obvious that players may suffer a single injury or two that costs a lot of games, but Ellsbury has had a lot of them. Some guys play and give the team what they can when they are injured (such as Pedroia and WMB); others sit. Ellsbury sits.







    You're missing two key concepts.




    1-In 2008, 2009, and 2011, Ells averaged 152 games, and some of the games issed in earlier years was onperformance.  The other two years, he only missed games due to collision.

    2-You are incorrectly assuming that playing while injured provides positive value.  I have never seen any evidence of that.  

    Take the two latest NYY injuries.  As I mentioned in Dem Yanks on the night they returned, and as I mentioned to my brother at the game, both players looked they were rushed back just to face the RS.  Now Youk is back on the DL, and Tex is off to see the doctor about his wrist.  

    When Pedey was fielding grounders on his knees, maybe it was a show of toughness, but it struck me as illogical and I wonder if it prolonged his injury.  

    Papi playing last year with his injured achilles.  How did that work out?  

    Buchholz trying to pitch through pain in 2011, instead of resting, cost us the pennant.

    Lackey pitched to an ERA of 6.41.  I admire his tenacity and toughness, but if you can't play, you can't play.






    why argue with this idiot?

    Gee Conan, I took you off ignore because you said you would behave yourself here from now on. Guess that was too much to ask. All of your attacks that I can see will be reported and you are back on ignore. You are the same useless sap you always have been. See you on the game thread.