Is it because Sox lead the whole game and won 7-0 and Clay was excellent? Where were  the two posters who pretend to be ten posters and moan, bi-tch, and bash all of the Red Sox players all of the time? Where were all of the wet blankets, pessimists, critics, cynics, skeptics, and Debbie-Downers? Are you being fooled into assuming that the twenty posters in the gamethread are indeed twenty different posters? My guess is that they are only two or three. Don't tell me that all thirty of the trolls were watching the Celtics game, that excuse would be ultra-lame and illogical. The real fact is that the Forum is inundated with trolls, pretenders, and closet Yankee fans. It is no surprise at all that Harness left because he saw the writing on the wall. Forum is dying.