In Response to Re: Gaspar is Full of It on Rift between BV and Cherrington:
What I am saying is that Gaspar and a few other hack reporters have nothing concrete to base their wild speculation on. Sure Bobby had troubles in the past with management but that doesn't translate into automatically assuming that he will have similar problems with this front office. The ONLY evidence that we currently have is that he denies and so does Cherrington. To come to any opinion to the contrary is not backed up with any current evidence or quotes. Gaspar gets paid to write controversial articles like this and columnists have a free license to spout off with mere opinions, conjecture, speculation, and wild guesses. If you were jury duty, would you come to a decision here that Bobby and Cherrington are lying and that Gaspar is telling the truth. The thread title is accusing Gaspar of forming an opinion without any concrete, current evidence.  Gaspar is fanning the flames of a fire that doesn't exist. In the natural sciences, his hypothesis would be laughed out of the classroom. No proof - just a silly guess.
Posted by lowelll

How do you know that it's "just a silly guess"?

Maybe he has talked to players and coaches and FO personnel? Maybe he hears things from covering the team that some wishful thinking supposed "fan" doesn't hear in his Unabomber styled log cabin in the woods of upstate NY can't possibly hear.