Give Theo Credit

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    Re: Give Theo Credit

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    In Response to Re: Give Theo Credit : yet none of you can answer my question...if you were all saying this in March that would be one thing...none of you were though. 95% of you felt on paper this team was loaded...that is the GM's that talent on paper has underperformed you blame Theo. All of you suffer from the 20/20 genius syndrome. 
    Posted by thepeskypole6

    I've been saying this since 2007 over on Sawxheads. Go over and read it and weep.

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    Re: Give Theo Credit

     At the very least, wouldn't the pitching coach have to get the ax? Doesn't the buck have to stop somewhere? There are just so many issues that this team needs a major shakeup.
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    Re: Give Theo Credit

    Nobody had a problem with this team in March. On paper they were being called the best team since 1927. Isn't the job of the GM to build a talented team? Didn't the majority of the media and the fans predict great things from this team based on the talent that was put together? Now that they have underperformed the blame is on Theo? How does that make sense? I could see if you saw this coming in March and said this team has flaws and Theo is to blame...I dont think you did though-----peskypole
    There were plenty of people who saw the Sox as flawed in March, but RSN was too excited to listen. Many threads on this board talked about a failure to improve the pitching staff from last year. Most were from Yankee fans and smart Sox fans and realists who were roundly mocked for their audacity at not kneeling before the "best team evah".
    Now those same pitching weaknesses have devastated the Sox.

    And it doesn't take incredible insight or talent as a GM to spend $300MM on two new players. Now one is a bust and the other has completely disappeared since the All Star break. Is that Theo's fault? No. But why applaud him for spending like a drunken sailor as well as trading top prospects to SD for the privilege?
    Sorry, but Beltre and VMart were the real deal. Glad they're gone.

    Someone like Cashman quietly picked quality producers--Colon, Garcia, Andruw Jones, Chavez for next to nothing, refused to deal Montero who looks like the real deal so far, and the Yankees won the division going away.

    That's quality GM work.