some of u really crack me up. buch deserves a and b, gonzo deserves, youk deserves.. here's a reality check. noone deserves NOTHING, it has to be earned. buck has an 8+ era and is dead last amongst all starters in both leagues, y should we continue this charade when its been trending this way over a year? that ebcomes who you are. likewise with youk and gonzo. if u have no oprions u drop them down and keep them around. if u have options, u get them out. buch should be in the bullpen at best. youk should be a utility guy or given one last shot with wes in left as things transition. a-gon should be hitting 5th here's a little reality about gonzo: since last july 15th, he's SEVENTIETH. thats 70th in sluggging. he hits a homer every 34 ABs everywhere. remember fenway was supposed to be an upgrade from petco? he hit one every 25 ABs there. he's hit just ONE homer every 66 ABs at fenway!