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Gonzo or Bautista?

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    Re: Gonzo or Bautista?

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    Slomag, isn't it boring around here lately. Where are all of the trash talkers / trolls that you love in order to liven things up that you desire?. The forum subsists on trash talkers / trolls. Am I right?
    Posted by Your-Echo

    When you watch a game, do you only watch it with fans of your teams, or do you find it more fun when there is a bit of a mix?

    I have no problem with a little trash talking, so long as it doesn't hijack a thread (like this comment).

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    Re: Gonzo or Bautista?

    I always watched games or listened to them with my father or grandfather or friends who were also Yankee fans. I would never go to a Red sox bar and watch a game. I am afraid that I would get into a fight or be met in the parking lot. It is bad enough enough to root against the team on the TV screen. Why would I want to detract from that by argueing with a drunk on a barstool next to me?
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    Re: Gonzo or Bautista?

    This is close.  A-Gon has a further proven track record.  Bautista has more flexibility (could play 3B or either corner OF spot) and has had a better past year and a half.  I'm a big believer in bautista; I think nearly 2 years of good play now pretty much backs up that he is one of the game's best hitters.  A-GOn's d at 1B really isn't that important; 1B is a pretty easy position to play.

    As for whether or not Bautista's a juicer, personally I could care less.  You don't think half the players are on something or another?  The drug creators will always be way ahead of the testers.  And what do you consider "juicing"?, and what is the problem with it?

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    Re: Gonzo or Bautista?

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    It's hard not to be suspicious of Bautista.  To go from 13 to 54 HRs between ages 28 and 29 is strange enough.  If he duplicates the task, and he adds 100 points to his career batting average at age 30, how can you look the other way?
    Posted by slomag

    Without comming out and saying it.....I think You are right. If it looks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk...I'm just sayin.