Good Job Beckett!

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    Re: Good Job Beckett!

    Beckett when healthy is amoung the best in the game...he's not had a heathly full season since 2007...due to a myriad of nagging injuries...

    That said, he's a gamer and the key to his success rest on his ability to command his off speeed stuff. When he's snapping off his breaking ball and pounding the zone with his two seamer to both sides of the plate, he's as tough to hit as any in the game. If we are to be in the mix late this year it will be due in part to getting both length and quality from Josh. Ifhe's healthy I see no reason he can't put together a 20 win season with a sub 3.00 era...
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    Re: Good Job Beckett!

    Anyone who complains about Beckett's performance last year has no clue... he was the best pitcher on the staff last year by leaps and bounds.  Starting pitcher that is .. 191 innings pitched with a 2.89 ERA... the team collapsed last September, not just Josh.